A sister's letter to her brother, Arthur!

A sister's letter to her brother, Arthur!

My Dear Brother Art,

I pray that no one ever has to experience the brutal treatment that you experienced. I miss you so much. My heart is broken in many pieces. My only comfort is knowing that you are in ”HEAVEN”. We are such a close-knit family and you not being here has left a devastating void in our hearts. Brother, you were always willing to help anyone, and you did. I think of all the community service that you provided, being a role model for all the young people you coached. You inspired many people young and old. When I would come home (to Tampa) for a visit, I always looked forward to seeing you. Remember, I would stop by and we would sit on the porch or in the back yard and talk and listen to some of your old-school music. We always went to get a cup of coffee at Circle K. Their coffee was your favorite. I looked forwarded to the family gatherings you would have in your back yard. Remember, you took me to the community center and showed me all the work that you had done. You were so proud of your accomplishments. Again, you were always willing to help. Momma loves and misses you so much! She tries to be strong for us, but we know how hard it is for her. I pray that GOD will comfort her and our FAMILY. Fat Daddy (Shawn) talks about you everyday. She really misses you and loves you with all of her heart… her dear uncle Art…her yard sale “buddy”. Slap misses you and he is trying to stay strong for everyone else. I talked to L.A. and he is missing his Daddy.

The FAMILY Misses You So Much!!! Art, I saw you sitting on your porch. You were wearing a yellow and white striped shirt, and a straw hat with a yellow band. When I opened the gate and walked up to the porch, I said, "Art, I have never seen you in so much yellow.” You just smiled. I told Lena that I saw you and she told me that yellow was your favorite color. Lena and I just hugged each other. She loves and misses you dearly. Brother, writing this is so hard for me. Again, I pray that no one ever has to experience the brutal treatment that you experienced. Art, I love and miss you with all my heart. Rest in peace my dear Brother.

GOD BLESS YOU. Love your Sister Carolyn

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