The Robles Park Wildcats Football and Cheerleading Youth Organization



In the mid-2000's Arthur Green Jr. co-founded The Robles Park Wildcats Football and Cheerleading Youth Organization. He, along with his wife Lena, in conjuction with football organizers, ushered in the little league organization in the park located directly in front of their home. His focused participation in this venture provided a constructive outlet for the youth within his community. A community that he held dear to his heart.


Youth Mission 

The Robles Park Wildcats organization was able to provide an environment that gave young men and women structure. It gave the youth of his community a sense of pride. He believed that the community's parents and volunteers participate within the organization for the sake of young people. Arthur was a very active Commisioner and passionate President that demanded total envolvement from the athletes. By providing volunteer oppurtinutes, he opened the doors of his community to those who were commited to the cause of bettering  youth.


Mission Accomplished

By participating in athletics, the Robles Park Wildcats Football and Cheerleading Youth Organization has helped to give the community's young men and women effective methods and tools to navigate through life.

Tools such as:

  • Emphasising the importance of academics.

  • Demonstrating how to work hard to achieve team goals.

  • To put your wants second to the needs of the team.

  • Travel and enabling youth to visit and experience different venues throughout the mid-Florida area.


Arthur Green Jr.'s efforts has enabled some former Wildcats to move on to college athletics. He continued to track and support other athletes throughout their high school careers. Some may speculate that the largest accomplishment of the organization, that Arthur Green Jr. created, was the ability to keep the community's young men and women 'too busy and too tired' to get into any mischeif! Thank you Arthur Green Jr for your contributions to the Robles Park and Tampa Heights Communities! We thank and honor you!