A Poem for the family - You know Art if you know:

You know Art if you know:
He has 2 birthdays in one month
Christmas lights
Halloween candy
The thanksgiving turkey leg gripped in his hand!
Gripped egg sandwiches in hand while sleeping!

You know Art if you know:
'Hey babe I'm going to get my coffee'
'The more I teach you the dumber I get'
Quick Grits
The Blue Diamond
His DJ studio/shed
Keys shaking while MC'n
Or an empty gin bottle used as a percussion instrument.

You know Art if you know:
Getting chased by an alligator while fishing
He and his brother speaking an African dialect that they both don't even know when being questioned by a stranger, while fishing!

You know Art if you know:
Possum Sardines
Video recording his family's life
That Natty head
Soul music

You know Art if you know:
Yard sales
I said, you know Art if you know, yard sales!
Collecting 'Stuff'; and that's two of everything!
And oh yeah, yard sales!
Sneakers - 'Hey, what size are those!'
Watches - 'Pops what time is it?' , 'Which one you want? You want the right time? or the left time?'

You know Art if you know:
His competitive spirit

Robles Park Wildcats

Coaching women's softball
Basketball, pool, track, the fat man relays, swimming, fishing, ping pong, even Atari

His leaning set shot
His violent post elbow under the rim
Or Him pulling over on the side of the road to race his 5 year old grandson...
and cheating to win by bumping and grabbing him during the race!

You know Art if you know:
Standing on the sideline in a monsoon to hold chains for his son's football game.
Going to change his daughter's flat tire in the middle of the night.

You know Art if you know:
Mr. Green
President Green
Commissioner Green
Coach Green
Or just plain ole 'Green!'
'Aut'...yes AUT not Art but AUT!

You know Art if you know:
Pops, Daddaaay
Bae, Scat Man Cruda, Anuda-one-like-the-uda-one, Fat Daddy, Tootchie Poppa, Jaws, Stretch, Misty, Crabce, Baby Suga, Snoop, Sport pronounced 'Spo'


His chrome Roscoe, The white OJ Bronco,
Caddie, Stuff, Glue, Wild Animal
And never being able to call his wife, his 'old lady'!

You know Art if you know:
'Yo cuzins'
'See I ain't say all of y'all....I said some of y'all '
'Let's get it done and be done with it'
'Now ask me how I know'
'Going up the road a piece'
'You got jumpers over theeeere'

You know Art if you know:
A one man neighborhood watch
Immaculate landscaping
His garden, his backyard, his Blackwood,

His love for history, children, people,

His big personality

A true protector, doer, son, brother, father, guardian and angel

But most of all...you know Art if you know his enormous heart of gold!

His brothers were his best friends!
He is recognized by his community and his organization for his relentless and tireless work!

Mr. Arthur Green, Jr. was born in Damascus, Georgia. Soon after his birth, his family relocated to Tampa, Florida where he spent the great majority of his life. He was a graduate of Middleton High School, Class of 1969. As a student, he was a talented athlete, earning top honors in basketball, swimming and track and field. In his adult life, he was a highly regarded father figure in the Tampa Heights/Robles Park community, where he resided for more than 30 years. He co-founded and commissioned the Robles Park Wildcats Little League Football and Cheerleading organization. In his everyday activities Mr. Green expressed his love and genuine concern for his community, with an ever watchful eye toward the safety of its residents and a willingness to extend his fatherly presence across the entire neighborhood. He was well known and highly regarded for his magnanimous personality, and his everyday presence provided a cornerstone of consistency and love.


He will be remembered, if not for the loving and determined way he coached local youth, then certainly for his infamous holiday lights display which enlightened the very heart and spirit of the entire community and beyond and was visited by many across the Greater Tampa Bay area; for years he lighted up his house and thus the hearts of others through his Holiday Spirit. Indeed, he has left an impression that remains in many hearts today and will extend across generations.


Arthur is cherished and remembered by: his wife, Lena Young-Green; mother, Mildred Perry; children, Alice Green, Evelyn Green, Aeronica Green-Beal, Kurt Young, Owen Young, Kareem Young, Arthur Green III, William Sessions, Lorraine Comer; grandchildren, Xavier, Ron’Tavious, D’Andrila, Derek, She’Dereka, LeeVonte’, De’Rontae, T’Lae, Daisy, Kia, Kepra, Christopher, Niya, Ari, Owen, Kenyatta, Kenta, Da’Shonica, A’Dontae, Tony, Albert, Thmarque, Antwain,Venell, Eddie, Sha’Tavey, Marjavius, Jakaisha; great-grandchildren, Aneeca, Daroiyun, Rodarius, Harmony, Isis, Christopher Jr., Natalie; siblings, Charles Stevens(deceased), Lawrence Green, Cornelius Green, Micheal Green, Jarvis Green, Jimmie Lee Perry (deceased), Catherine Smallwood, Caroline Kirk, Renee Perry, Deloris Green, Barbara Green; and the community at large.